Saturday, June 23, 2007

A training on Charcoal Making

Recently, I got the opportunity to learn the traditional charcoal making process, which is practiced in India since centuries. I had the interest, because we are also producing charcoal as byproduct, using the woodgas / smoke burner stoves. Their claim is they are able to produce about 30 % charcoal in weight from the quantity of Prosopis Juliflora wood used. The time taken for each mound of charcoal process ranges from 4 days to 10 days based on the size, quantity and dryness of the wood used.

The material required is sticks of specific size in length, dry straw (very less) and the earth.

The method of preparation is easy.

Personal remark: I don't recomend using charcoal as a primary source for energy.


K Suresh said...

Dear Sai Bhasker,
I forwarded your blogspot to a friend in IIT, Chennai. How are you? How is your work?
K. suresh, WASSAN

Cedric said...

Dear Sir,
I already know how to make charcoalize rice hull.can you teach me how to make it as a briquette? how about saw dust? how can i turn this into charcoal??

GI said...

I was watching this video this morning:

at about 30 minutes into the film it talks about how to make good soil out of poor jungle soil. I was curious to learn more about making charcoal, I found your blog and thought you might also be interested in this.

TonyPing said...

Thank you for your posting. Very detailed. I learned something very useful.

travel_lingo said...

Great visuals thank you.

travel_lingo said...

Great visuals thank you.